I'm Niya

Hello, I'm Aniya and welcome to my site! Some things about me, I'm an 11th grader with the pressures of my PARENTS and school on my back; the looming thoughts of what the next steps are in life, what school I want to attend or, major I want to choose. I just know; I sooooo don't know. However, I am an avid reader and recently started to blossom socially. I am an Aesthete, with a deep passion for poetry, and an eye for beautiful dresses. (I always have a reason to wear a beautiful dress.) All that aside, my greatest passion is saving the environment, ridding it of straws and most importantly saving the turtles! Enjoy the Journey!

Welcome to “Discovering Life in Style”

Hello, and thank you for stepping into the world of boundless curiosity, unfettered optimism, and the journey of self-discovery! My…

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